Alan Rothwell



Real name: Alan Rothwell
Born: 9 February 1937, Oldham, Lancashire



Played: David Barlow (1960 - 1968)

Linda (1960) as Phil; Top Secret (1961) as Mike; Two Living, One Dead (1961); Nothing But the Best (1964) as Young Man; Zeppelin (1971) as Brandner; Brookside (Mersey TV for C4, 1985 - 1986) as Nicholas Black; The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship (1990); The Master Blackmailer (1991) as Tronson, the Butler; Hetty Wainthropp Investigates (BBC1, 1996) as Peter Stone; Casualty (BBC1, 1986) as Anthony Rafferty; Emmerdale (YTV, 1997-1998) as John Kenyon; The Grand (Granada, 1997) as Paul Fairfax;







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