David Barlow

Full name: David Barlow
Parents: Frank and Ida Barlow
Born: 4 July 1942 at No3 Coronation Street, Weatherfield, Lancashire
Siblings: Ken
Married: Irma Ogden (18 December 1965)
Children: Darren (b: 20 November 1968; m: Irma Barlow; d: 9 April 1970)
Died: 8 April 1970

Played by: Alan Rothwell
Appeared: 1960 - 1968
Ken's footballing brother who left the Street for celebrity life in London. He returned north to marry Irma Ogden and buy the Corner Shop when a leg injury forced him to leave professional football. David, Irma and Darren emigrated to Australia in 1968 to re-launch David's career. On 8 April 1970 David died in a car crash and Darren died a day later.


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