Tracy Shaw



Real name: Tracy Ashworth (née Shaw)
Born: 27 July 1973, Belper, Derbyshire
Parents: Ann
Sibling: Karl




Played: Maxine Peacock (3 May 1995 - )After leaving Drama School, Tracy got a part in September Song, before working on Coronation Street.Tracy has had her fair share of troubles - she has battled against anorexia for the past three years, and at one stage plumeted from 8 to 5 stone. She has also been caught shoplifting, which she put down to simple absent-mindedness, and no charges were pressed.In May 1996 things looked up as she was presented with the '1996 Rear of the Year' title (previously won by Sarah Lancashire). Tracy lives over a pub in Belper, Derbyshire, and her boyfriend is Glenn Williams - "the hunky
presenter of ITV's late-night dating show God's Gift."








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