Maxine Peacock

Full name: Maxine Peacock (née Heavey)
Derek and Doreen Heavey

Died: January 13 2003 (murdered by Richard Hillman)

Ashley Peacock, 24 September 1999
Joshua; b: 8 April 2002, Weatherfield General Hospital; f: Matt Ramsden

Played by: Tracy Shaw
First appeared:
3 May 1995

Works as assistant in Audrey's (and formerly Fiona's and Denise's) salon.

A friend of Fiona's from college, Maxine helped out Fiona after Denise threw a wobbly and went to Macclesfield.

In her little pink jacket and even littler skirts, Maxine has made and impression with the menfolk of the Street, having an affair with Des Barnes, and an unsucccessful date with Andy McDonald.

Maxine shared the flat above the cafe with Fiona, until Fiona moved into the salon flat. Maxine couldn't afford the rent, and so had to reluctantly move back in with her parents in March 1996.

Went out with Tony Horrocks, and had a drunken one night stand with Curly Watts.

Maxine was taken on at the Salon by Denise Osborne and when Fiona bought the salon, she kept Maxine on. When Maxine had a fling with Steve MacDonald who was attempting a reconciliation with Fiona, Fiona found out and sacked her and sold the salon to Audrey Roberts. Maxine managed to get Audrey to hire her back on.

Maxine began dating Ashley Peacock but dumped him when he became involved with Zoe Tattersall and her baby. After the baby died, Zoe got involved in the Cult, The Etheric Foundation and left. Ashley persuaded Maxine that he really did love her and soon she moved in with him. They married in the fall of 1999.

Maxine decided she w