Jack Smethurst



Real name:




  1. Johnny Webb (6 October 1980 - 2 November 1983)
  2. Stan Wagstaff (22 August - 26 November 2001)

A well-known TV comic actor of the 1970's and 1980's, Jack is most well known as Eddie Booth in Love Thy Neighbour .

Jack Smethurst made his film debut in 1958's Carry On Sergeant. This was followed by parts in the films A Kind Of Loving (1962), Run With The Wind (1966), Night After Night After Night (He Kills) (1970) and the big-screen version of Please Sir! (1970) amongst others, before he landed the role for which he will always be remembered - that of bigoted socialist and union leader, 'brother' Eddie Booth.

After Love Thy Neighbour ended, his film appearances have unfortunately been few and far between, but include Chariots Of Fire (1981), the John Goodman vehicle King Ralph (1991) (which re-united him with Rudolph Walker) and 1996's La Passione.

He has made several appearances as Davenport in Britain's longest-running television sitcom Last Of The Summer Wine in 1997. Nowadays Jack tends to spend much of his time in theatre, recently touring with a production of Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None.

Jack was featured on This Is Your Life on January 24, 1973.

He appeared as himself in the Hammer Film production of Man About The House (1974).












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