Kathy Staff



Born: 12 July 1928, Dukinfield, Cheshire
Married: John


  1. Katherine
  2. Susan

Contact: c/o London Management


Played: Vera Hopkins (1973 - 1975)

Kathy started out acting with a touring theatre company in Scotland, and had appeared in Castlehaven, Within These Walls, Hadleigh and as Nora Batty in a 1973 Comedy Playhouse called Last of the Summer Wine before appearing as Vera Hopkins in Coronation Street.

The success of Last of the Summer Wine meant that Kathy had to be written out of The Street while the first series was being filmed, and has since gone on to star in another 17 series and various Christmas Specials. She has also appeared in many TV shows including Freddie Starr and The Lenny Henry Christmas Show.

In films she has appeared in A Kind of Loving, The Dresser, The Family Way, Camille and Little Dorrit.










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