Vera Hopkins

Idris Hopkins
Tricia (f: Idris Hopkins)

Played by: Kathy Staff
1973 - 1975

Vera was the acceptable face of the Hopkins family, being a committee member at the Community Centre, though she was admonished by Annie Walker for allowing her young daughter Tricia to go into The Rovers dressed to the nines and order alcoholic drinks. She was dominated by her husband's mother, Megan, and the two frequently rowed, whilst foundry-worker Idris tried to get some sleep when he worked nights. Soon after renting the Corner Shop from Gordon Clegg, Vera had to go and look after her sick mother.

When Vera's mother died, she returned with a large inheritance and Megan welcomed her back with open arms - but Vera was horrified by the way Megan treated some residents, and furious when Megan's attempt to blackmail Gordon Clegg meant they were evicted in April 1975.

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