Jack Watson


Real name: Jack Watson
Born: 15 May 1915, London
Parents: Comedian Nosmo King
Married: Betsy
Died: 4 July 1999


  1. Penelope
  2. Fiona
  3. Alistair


Played: Bill Gregory ( 1962 - 1973; 26 December 1983 - 4 January 1984)

TV credits include: Z Cars; The Troubleshooters; Arthur of the Britons; Upstairs, Downstairs; The Hanged Man; The Charges; Sky; The Georgian House; The Onedin Line; Killers; Goodbye America; Warship; Rob Roy; Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em; Who Pays The Ferryman ?; Treasure Island; All Creatures Great and Small; The Cost of Loving; Kidnapped; A Horseman Riding By; The Camerons; Square Mile of Murder; Masada; Juliet Bravo; Into the Labyrinth; Kings Royal; The Journeys of Marco Polo; Heather Ann; The Talisman; Diana Magnox; Edge of Darkness; Agatha Christie's Miss Marple; Death Wish; New World; Little Sir Nicholas; Casualty; Love and Reason; Minder; Common as Muck

Film credits include: The Man Who Was Nobody; Peeping Tom; The Queen's Guards; Konga; Time to Remember; Fate Takes a Hand; Out of the Fog; This Sporting Life; Five to One; Master Spy; The Gorgon; The Hill; The Night Caller; The Idol; Grand Prix; Tobruk; The Strange Affair; The Devil's Brogade; Decline and Fall... of a Birdwatcher !; Midas Run; Every Home Should Have One; The Mackenzie Break; Kidnapped; Tower of Evil; From Beyond The Grave; The Four Musketeers; The Revenge of Milady; Juggernaut; 11 Harrow House; Brannigan; Treasure Island; The Wild Geese; Schizo; North Sea Hijack; The Sea Wolves; The Antagonists



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