Sean Wilson


Real name: Sean Wilson
Born: 4 April 1965, Ashton-under-Lyne, Cheshire



Played: Martin Platt (28 January 1985 - )

Sean's parents had divorced when he was a child and his mother had remarried, but he didn't get on with his stepfather, and so left home at the age of sixteen. He had ambitions to become a graphic designer, and worked for an advertising agency when he left school. But he felt he was being treated as a dogsbody, so he quit, and started working at the Oldham Coliseum as a set-building YTS trainee. Thus his theatrical ambitions surfaced.He joined the Oldham Theatre Workshop and appeared in the musical The Gas Street Kids. He then teamed up with a pal and worked the pub/club circuit with a cabaret act, in order to get an Equity card. He returned to the OTW to play the son in The Mother by Brecht, then spent a year in community theatre both in Manchester and at the Edinburgh Festival. During this time he helped write a play called The Bogeymaster.His television debut was as a National Front skinhead in Crown Court, and he also appeared in Travelling Man with Leigh Lawson. In the Channel 4 film Mozart's Unfinished, he was chosen for the role of the young Mozart because of his remarkable resemblance to the composer. He made it into Coronation Street in 1985 at the third attempt, after being turned down for the roles of Terry Duckworth and Kevin Webster !.Sean is still quite a gifted artist, and has sold drawings in the arts centre in Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester, where he now lives, in his real father's old semi-detached house. He also presented a portrait of herself to fellow Street actress Jill Summers on her 75th birthday.




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