Martin Platt

Full name: Martin Platt
Barry and Barbara Platt
2 June 1968, 14 Malton Street, Weatherfield, Lancashire
Gail Tilsley (27 September 1991)

  1. David

Adopted children:

  1. Nick Tilsley
  2. Sarah Louise Tilsley

Played by: Sean Wilson
First appeared: 28 January 1985

Martin's marriage in 1991 to Gail Tilsley was just one event in a rather full personal life - and not the last, either!

After his education finished in 1984 (he got two GCSEs at Weatherfield Comprehensive, followed by a Confectionery course at Salford Technical College), he started working part-time at Jim's Cafe, and met Jenny Bradley, still a schoolgirl. He agreed to take her out, after she became upset because he had rejected her advances. They borrowed Rita Fairclough's car (Rita was Jenny's legal guardian), and Jenny talked him into letting her drive on a country road. The car overturned, but luckily, there were no serious injuries.

He was caught in bed with Gina Seddon, Sally Webster's younger sister, when Sally and her husband Kevin came home early because they thought they had burglars. Martin left the cafe to work for Alan Bradley's alarm company, and after Bradley was arrested, Martin worked at a petrol station and then as a hospital porter at Weatherfield General.

In 1989, Gail's husband Brian Tilsley was murdered, and to everyone's suprise (including her own), she fell for Martin (and he for her) when he offered he comfort. Many Street residents were shocked - especially Ivy Tilsley - when Martin moved in with Gail, but Martin has never really bothered about what the gossips think. In 1990 Gail became pregnant, and she thought it was unfair on Martin to tie him down with a child when he himself was so young. A last minute dash to the train station stopped her going for an abortion. His son David was born on Christmas Day 1990.

Martin gave up his hospital job and returned to the cafe to help Gail whist she was still pregnant, as Alma was having major problems in her relationship with future husband Mike Baldwin, and kept disappearing. The relationship between Martin and Gail began to develop, and they got married on 27 September 1991. After spending some time as a househusband, Martin decided on a new career and started to train as a nurse.

Martin met a fellow nursing student who, like Jenny, fell for him. Unfortunately, Carmel Finnan was one sandwich short of a picnic, and made it look as though she and Martin were having an affair, even claiming she was pregnant by him. Only the arrival of her grandfather from Ireland sorted out that problem. But then Martin, feeling somewhat depressed because of problems between himself and Gail's eldest son Nicky, slept with nurse Cathy Power at the hospital staff party during Christmas 1994. Martin felt he had to confess to Gail, who took the betrayal very badly, and although they continued living in the same house, he and Gail hardly spoke for a couple of months. They were reconciled after Martin successfully passed his nursing final exams and the faimly spent a holiday in North Wales.

In 1999 Martin has an affair with nurse Rebecca Hopkins which carries over into 2000 and after months of rows when Gail found out about the affair she told martin move out. He went to live in the flat above the D&S Hardware store.

In December 2003 Martin fell in love Katy Harris. And her father Tommy did not like it one bit he took Martin in to the back garden of number six and gave him a good thumping. Later Katy moved in Martinís flat. In December 2003 Craig, Katyís brother broke in to Martinís car and messed about with the car breaks making Martin to crash his car in to a wall but he was ok

In February 2005 Katy came off the pill and got pregnant when she told Martin he was not pleased a first but he came around when Tommy and Angela found out they were not happy one bit. Sarah and David were not happy with news neither but the came round to the idea.

9th February 2005: Tommy Harris is found dead inside the local garage after being smashed over the head with a heavy object. Martin was arrested, and did have a good motive for the murder, but it wasn't him, and he was released.

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