Christine Appleby

Full name: Christine Appleby (née Hardman)
George & May (née Mason) Hardman
June 1942

Colin Appleby, 20 June 1962

Played by: Christine Hargreaves
14 December 1960 - March 1963

From 1955-1962 Christine and her mother May occupied No13. They had returned to their former residence in the Street after two years of an affluent existence in the town of Oakhill. Upon the death of Christine's father George, it came to light that his grocer shop and their lovely home had to be sold to pay off creditors. Christine settled in well - at first - to life again in Coronation Street. She went to work at Elliston's Raincoat Factory and also fell in love with Kenneth Barlow who was then living at No3. May unfortunately was ashamed at having to return to the Street in such reduced circumstances. She beacme a recluse and refused to open the door to anyone. One New Year's Eve 1960 May died in the hallway of No13; - she'd been suffering from a brain tumour for quite some time.

Christine's outlook changed following her mother's death, and she now found life a struggle in the then-grimy street. In 1962 she suffered a nervous breakdown and climbed onto the roof of Elliston's Raincoat Factory. She was joined by Kenneth Barlow who understood her feelings of futility of life in the Street, but managed to talk her down from the roof by saying that this was not the way to get away from it. At that point Christine asked Ken if he would marry her and take her away from it all. He said he could not, but that someone else would. Amazingly, a young man named Colin Appleby read of her plight in the local paper and called on her for a date. She eloped with Colin two weeks later, but he was killed in a car crash the following year. She returned to the Street and became engaged to Ken's father Frank Barlow, but broke it off after being shunned by the Barlow family. She then left to live in Southampton.

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