Frank Barlow

Full name: Frank Barlow
Edna & Sidney Barlow
19 October 1913
Ida Leathers (1 May 1939, d: 11 September 1961)


  1. Kenneth (9 October 1939; f: Frank Barlow)
  2. David (4 July 1942; f: Frank Barlow; d: 8 April 1970)

Died: 21 April 1975, Cheshire

Played by: Frank Pemberton
Appeared: 9 December 1960 - 13 May 1964; January 1971

Frank had fought in World War 2 before being caught by the Germans. He never really got on well with oldest son Kenneth, maybe because Ken grew up to the age of about five without a father.

After the war he returned to civilian life and became a postman. He disapproved of Ken's ideas on life and was horrified when he took part in a Ban the Bomb protest march. He preferred his younger son David who took up a career in football.

His wife Ida was killed when she was run over by a bus in in September 1961. In 1962 he became friendly with Corner Shop owner Florrie Lindley. They had a relationship for four months before Florrie became frustrated at how he treated her - they finished the relationship but remained friends.

Frank then enraged Ken by becoming engaged to Christine Appleby, who was literally young enough to be his daughter - she had gone to school with Ken and had once asked Ken to marry her. After Christine broke off the engagement, Frank opened a DIY shop, and following a 5,000 win on the Premium Bonds in 1964 he sold up and moved to Cheshire.

He returned to Coronation Street in 1971 for Valerie's funeral, and died at home in April 1975.

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