Full name:



Died: 4 July 1982
Mike Baldwin (b: 16 February 1942; m: Mary Baldwin)

Played by: Sam Kydd
1 December 1980 - 4 Januay 1982

Mike Baldwin's father; a former docker who was even more of a Cockney wide-boy than his son.

Within a couple of days of first appearing in Weatherfield he had conned Fred Gee out of 75 in a 'wedding' video scam, and over the next few weeks managed to con both Fred and Alf Roberts out of more money, whilst at the same time sidestepping the blame when the police turned up asking for Mr Gee, a director of Gee Whizz Videos, who were, in fact, distributing blue movies !

However, when turning like the proverbial bad penny up the following May he did repay all his debts - in cash !

In September 1981 he turned up at Mike's flat flushed with cash and with a young blonde on his arm - Sylvie Hicks. Frankie claimed that Sylvie was just his secretary !

In late December 1981, Sylvie turned up in Weatherfield to visit her parents, and Mike took the opportunity to innocently take her out to a business dinner. A couple of days later Frankie turned up, and getting the wrong idea, stormed back to London very annoyed at his son.


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