Suzie Birchall

Full name:
Bob & Margaret Birchall


Terry Goodwin

Played by: Cheryl Murray
10 January 1977 - 29 June 1983

The character of Suzie Birchall first appeared in the Street early in 1977 when she left home to escape an abusive father and moved into No11 to live with Gail Potter and Elsie Tanner.

Mike Baldwin employed Suzie to work under Gail in his boutique, "The Western Front". Suzie was an assertive, forthright and fun-loving girl. She liked men who would show her a good time and had a fling with Mike Baldwin. When Gail married Brian Tilsley in 1979, the character of Suzie faded into the background and moved to London, where she eventually married Terry Goodwin.

Suzie returned to the Street in 1983, this time to escape her abusive husband who had started battering her after 3 months of marriage and Suzie filed for divorce. Once again, she moved into No11 to live with Elsie. Suzie caused more trouble when she tried to bed Gail's husband Brian, in an attempt to show Gail how unstable their marriage was. Word got back to Elsie who threw Suzie out of No11 and she left the Street for good.

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