Jenny Bradley

Full name:
Alan and Pat Bradley




Played by: Sally Ann Matthews
1986 - 1993

Jenny was working as a papergirl for Rita Fairclough when her mother Pat was killed in a car accident and she moved in to No7 as Rita's foster daughter. Following her mother's death, Jenny was reunited with her father Alan, who she had not seen for six years and although she initially felt only bitterness towards him, he soon won her over as he settled into No7 with Rita.

When she was seventeen, Jenny went on a school trip to France, where she met medical student Patric Podevin and fell in love. Patric followed her back to Weatherfield and they got engaged, though Patric promised Alan that he would wait until he had finished his studies before getting married. After he discovered that Jenny had been seen kissing another man at a local party, Patric called off the engagement and returned to France.

Despite having stopped Alan as he tried to kill Rita, she stood by her father throughout and after his trial, but was constantly torn between her loyalty to him and her love for Rita. In 1990 she started to study biology at Weatherfield Polytechinc, and when Rita moved out of No7 to one of the new flats on the other side of the street, she was happy to rent the house to Jenny and her friend Flick Khan from the polytechnic. Jenny soon dropped out of her course and started an affair with her married dentist, Robert Weston and when he left his wife she moved in with him. The relationship didn't last and in 1993 when Robert went back to his wife, Jenny turned up on Rita's doorstep again and tried to con her out of money but Rita threw her out.

Many years later (2015), Kevin Webster decided to partake in an online dating site and found Jenny's profile. They went out on a few dates and hit things off. Jenny was particularly fond of Kevin's 3 year old son, Jack and it was clear Jenny had had a recent loss. Jenny moved in with Kevin in spite of the disapproval of Sally and Sophie. Sally never trusted Jenny and her misgivings turned out to be accurate. Jenny began to obsess about Jack, pretending to be his mother and sometimes calling him by the wrong name, Tom. She arranged to run away with him, she put plans in place. This was the day of Steve and Michelle's wedding and she begged off, saying she had a headache and stayed home to mind Jack. Maddie, Sophie's partner came home and found Jenny wearing a black wig and saw a bag packed with Jack's clothes. Jenny fought her but Maddie got out the door. She raced down the road where a crowd was gathered, watching a big fire at Victoria Court apartments. She left a partial voice message for Sophie then tried to get through the barrier but a fire broke out in the builder's yard and Maddie died in an explosion. Jenny realized she couldn't leave but also that Maddie's death meant she was safe for the moment. A few weeks later she managed to pack Jack up and leave. She got an apartment in Leeds for the two of them.

It turned out that Jenny had been married and had a little boy, but a couple of years before, she took her eye off him for a minute and he drowned in a paddling pool. Jenny had a breakdown and her marraige fell apart. That was when she met up with Kevin. She was focussing her hopes on wee Jack who was the same age as her Tom. Everyone went looking for her and she did call Rita and let her know where she was but Rita brought Kevin and Sophie. Jenny was in the midst of a breakdown and had Jack out on the apartment's balcony but Sophie called in the police and they broke in and took Jenny away.

About a year later, Jenny contacted Rita through the fictional equivalent of Facebook after Norris had set her up. Rita found Jenny living in a grotty bedsit and took her home, defying the neighbours' contempt. She got a job as a cleaner in the factory. Jack wandered in one day because he missed Jenny. Everyone thought she'd lured him in there but Jack admitted he went looking for her. Kevin apologized. A little while later, Jenny began a friendship with her boss, JOhnny Connor, who recognized her as an outsider. He took her to Blackpool so she could have some closure as that's where her father died. Kevin and Tim took Jack to Blackpool the same day and Jack, now five, took off across the promenade. He would have been hit by a tram but Jenny saved him. Kevin was grateful and has forgiven her. Jenny and Johnny became closer and eventually began dating. Jenny has taken training and is now a machinist and is now engaged to Johnny

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