Aidan Critchley

Full name:
Bob Critchley




Played by: Dean Ashton
Appeared: 15 April 2002 -

Dean became Ken Barlow's 'pupil from hell' at Weatherfield Comprehensive School. He later became Sarah Platt's boyfriend.

Aidan was hated at certain times, particularly when he took Sarah for a joyride. On the way, the car careered over a dumpster and crashed into a lorry.Taking Sarah for a joyride was a bad idea, especially when killer Tricky Dicky Richard Hillman was her father at the time. Richard took revenge by killing Maxine Peacock on 13th January 2003, and framed Aidan for her murder. He was arrested by later proven innocent when Richard confessed. He left the area and hasn't been heard of since.

Lives (lived) at 12 Scarborough Gardens

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