Sarah (Louise) Platt

Full name: Sarah Louise Platt Grimshaw (formerly Tilsley)
Brian and Gail Tilsley; adopted by Martin Platt
28 January 1987

  1. Nick Tilsley
  2. David Platt (half-brother - same mother)

Married:Jason Grimshaw, October 31, 2007, Divorced 2009


Played by:

  1. Leah King (28 January 1987 - May 1987)
  2. Lyndsey King (1987 - 8 October 1999)
  3. Tina O'Brien (31 October 1999 - 31 December 2007)

First appeared: 28 January 1987

Sarah Louise Platt is the second child of Brian and Gail Tilsley, though for some time her parentage was in doubt, and Ian Latimer may have been her father. It was only confirmed that Brian was her father after a DNA test. Martin Platt adopted her in 1991 when he married Gail.

In February 2000 it was revealed that Sarah was pregnant at the age of 13. She gave birth in June to a baby girl and called her Bethany. The father, Neil Fearns, didn't want to be involved. She became known as Sarah Platt from August 2000.

Sarah began to make friends on the Internet, as she could not get out a lot because of Bethany. Instead of a young teen, she discovered she was actually chatting with a man in his 30's who kept her at his house against her will. He lied to her, saying that his son will be home soon. Luckily she had told Candice she was meeting this guy. She was rescued by Dennis Stringer and Todd Grimshaw.

Sarah's friendship with Todd Grimshaw grew into something more and after he broke off with her best friend Candice, they began dating. However, she was charmed by bad boy Aidan Critchley and broke off with Todd. Aidan was bad news though. He began joyriding in Ken Barlow's car and one night convinced Sarah to go with him. Aidan started speeding and crashed the car. He left Sarah for dead. In hospital, Sarah realized that Todd still loved her and they got back together, much to his mother's dismay.

Sarah's step dad, Richard Hillman turned out to be a killer. He took the family hostage and drove the family car into the canal trying to kill them. Only Richard died.

When Todd decided not to sit his A level exams and not go to university, Sarah did try to persuade him to stay with his studies but he got a job at the hospital and at the corner shop and moved into the flat over the bookie shop. Sarah was going to move in with him but decided to stay at home for Bethany's sake. However, she rowed with Gail and moved herself and Bethany in with Todd and left school at 16. Her marks weren't really good enough to go further with her A levels. She started working full time at Roy's Rolls but continued to be estranged from her mother, especially when Gail called Social Services in an attempt to get Bethany removed from the flat.

In 2003 Bethany's father died in a car crash. Sarah attended the funeral and started letting Neil's mother, Brenda, visit Bethany. When Sarah became pregnant again at 16 with Todd's baby, Brenda kidnapped Bethany in a religious fervor and nearly jumped off the roof of a church with her. Emily Bishop talked her out of it and Sarah got Bethany back safe and sound.

When they went for a scan they found out Sarah was carrying a boy, and decided to call him Billy. Todd asked Sarah to marry him, and she accepted. While discussing the wedding at her mum's, Eileen was going to tell Sarah the truth about her son being gay, but Sarah suddenly took pains. She came back downstairs telling everyone she was bleeding and could not feel her baby moving. She was rushed to hospital. The baby was fine.

After 7 months of being pregnant, Todd finally told Sarah he was gay. She was really hurt and didn't want the baby any more. She moved back in with her mum and told Todd he is not to come near her, Bethany or Billy. When working in Roy's, she took pains again. She had to have a caesarean. She accepted the baby and wanted to keep him, but unfortunately Billy didn't survive. Sarah didn't want Todd hanging about and told him to leave. When Sarah has a one-night stand with Todd's brother Jason, Todd decided to leave. Sarah started working in the Corner shop.

At the start of 2005 Sarah met Scooter. He delivers and collects skips. Scooter keeps finding stuff from the skip's and gives it to her. Scooter decided to build a pond for Beth and got her fish.

Diggory offered Sarah a job in his bakery but accused her of stealing money on the first day and sacked her. Sarah pleaded with Dev to give her back her job. Dev said she could have a month’s trail. Sarah convinced her mum to let Scooter stay with them permanently.

Scooter found some sick fish in a pond when delivering a skip. Sarah and Scooter decide to kidnap the fish because the owner would not do any thing. At night the pair sneaked in and rescued the fish but not before being seen by the next door neighbours. When they went to free the fish a few days later they were caught by the police. Sarah got a police caution and Scooter got a £100 fine and community service because he pleaded not guilty.

At Les and Cilla's wedding Sarah got talking to Jason. After she heard from him that he was not going out with Violet the pair went off together and spent the night together. Jason was soon back with Violet. Sarah had enough of Scooter because he was lazy and the pair had an argument. There was nothing else to say and Scooter left. When Candice got a job offer to work with Status Quo Sarah said bye to her best friend and then got Audrey to give her a job in the Salon.

Sarah kept being persistent with Jason and they were soon at it again. David caught them and he said he would tell Violet unless he got money. Jason give him the money but David told Bethany she was getting a new dad, and she had to tell Gail she didn't want Jason to her dad. Sarah and Gail argued when she found out. Gail said Jason is taking her for a mug so she marched round and told Violet. Jason came back to Sarah and they started going out again.

In 2006 on Sarah's 19th birthday she got a card form Richard Hillman, that said "I still think of you as my daughter. Weren't we a nice family until your mother spoiled every thing, love Richard". There was a series of cards sent to the Platt family and it turned out to be David as a prank.

Sarah and Jason nearly got married but Jason got cold feet and left Sarah on the day of the wedding. once Jason realized he still loved Sarah, he started trying to persuade her to come back to him. She has been reluctant and every time she starts to think they might have a chance, Jason stuffs up again. David accidentally was the cause of Bethany getting her hands on some Extacy pills, nearly dying from the poison in her system. David was very upset at that but Sarah turned against him just the same because he'd had the drugs that he was keeping for his friend Darryl.

Eventually, Jason persuaded Sarah to marry him. This time around, her brother David was determined to ruin the wedding. He invited Sarah's former boyfriend and Jason's estranged brother Todd to the wedding but Jason and Sarah both realized David was the culprit and accepted Todd with open arms. He even resorted to sabotaging the scaffolding so that Jason would fall but the wedding went ahead anyway, even though Jason was on crutches. David's ultimate attempt at revenge was to drive his car into the canal on the wedding day. The police came and interrupted the wedding but even though Gail and Audrey went to the canal site, the same place Hillman had used to try to kill his family, Sarah insisted the wedding take place. She believed it was another one of David's tricks and she was right. David showed up a few hours later but even though he'd not stopped the wedding, he did spoil it. After the wedding he made sure Sarah's wedding dress was burned and he tried to make Sarah think that Jason and Becky were having a fling. The last straw for Sarah was a visit by Gail's brother, Steven. Steven offered David a fab new job in Milan, Italy. Sarah was incensed! Tired of David doing horrible things and ending up with what she saw as a reward for bad behaviour, Sarah planned revenge. She set David up with more drugs and talked Steven into letting her take the job instead even though Jason was unsure about moving. He agreed but at the train station, Sarah admitted she set David up. That on top of her callous insistence that the wedding take place though they all thought David had committed suicide turned Jason away from Sarah and he let her go to Milan without him. Sarah and Beth left on New Year's Eve and are still in Milan.

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