Ravi Desai

Full name:



  1. Raj (elder brother; d: October 1999)
  2. Sanjeet (married: Maya)

Married: Mrs Desai (d: 1995)

  1. Vikram
  2. Nita

Played by: Saeed Jaffrey OBE
20 January - 8 August 1999

Briefly the owner of a string of small shops in the Weatherfield area, dapper Ravi bought the Corner Shop late in 1998. After a whirlwind of double scotches, and annoying Fred Elliott by charming the recently-divorced Alma Halliwell, and the recently-widowed Audrey Roberts back to feeling like women, Ravi was forced to return to India for good to sort out the affairs of his recently deceased brother. Much to Vikram's chagrin, Ravi was forced by family circumstances to sell all his holdings in Weatherfield to Dev, the velvet-voiced cousin of Nita and Vikram.


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