Tyrone Dobbs

Full name: Tyrone Sylvester Dobbs
Jackie and Darren Dobbs
17 December 1982

Molly Dobbs. 12 January 2009

Played by: Alan Halsall
First appeared:
30 November 1998

Tyrone first appeared in the street in November 1998, not long after his mother, the unforgettable Jackie Dobbs, started residing with her former cell-mate, Deirdre. Deirdre soon grew tired of Jackie and her juvenile delinquent son, but Tyrone being the future criminal he was, had a back-up plan. He and his mate had broken into No. 7, the home of Curly Watt’s who was off ‘finding himself’ and it wasn’t long before Tyrone and Jackie were firmly instilled as squatters. Jackie later made a compromise with Alma to rent the place officially. Curly returned to the street weeks later and found Jackie and Tyrone squatting in his home. After a few unsuccessful attempts to reclaim his home, Curly managed to do so when Jackie’s husband carted her back to Liverpool. Tyrone, not happy with this arrangement, took to sleeping in the bins at the back of Freshco’s. Curly has an attack of conscience and employs Tyrone as a trolley-collector and gives him a place to stay. Tyrone loses his job as a trolley- collector however when he accidentally pushes a line of trolley’s into the area manager’s new car, but is taken on as an apprentice mechanic when Kevin offers him a job in the garage.

Wanting some independence, Tyrone moves into Jack and Vera’s B & B and when Jack and Vera move back to the street, Tyrone and his greyhound Monica, adopted by Tyrone after she wandered into the garage one day, moved back to No. 9 with them. In July 2000, Tyrone became engaged to Maria Sutherland, the daughter of a dog breeder whom he met when seeking a breeding partner for Monica after the greyhound’s brief career as a racing dog failed due to an injury.

Meanwhile, Fizz Brown had become obsessed with Tyrone, and Maria broke off their engagement after seeing Fizz and Tyrone kiss outside the factory. Although nursing a broken heart, Tyrone took up with Fizz, not having had much of a say in the matter. Harking back to his days as a juvenile delinquent, Tyrone began nicking cars from the garage and taking Fizz on joyrides. The relationship ended however when Fizz, making a stand over her dismissal from the factory, posed topless on the factory roof and her photo was splashed over the front page of the newspaper.

Tyrone has never really gotten over Maria and was devastated when she left for Canada with Nick. She returned only weeks later, but continues to reject Tyrone at every opportunity until recently when Maria finally seems to have seen the good in Tyrone and it looks like they've reconciled. Is it for good?


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