Tyrone Dobbs

Full name: Tyrone Sylvester Dobbs
Jackie and Darren Dobbs
17 December 1982

Molly Dobbs (deceased December 6, 2010) 12 January 2009

Played by: Alan Halsall
First appeared:
30 November 1998

Tyrone first appeared in the street in November 1998, not long after his mother, the unforgettable Jackie Dobbs, started residing with her former cell-mate, Deirdre. Deirdre soon grew tired of Jackie and her juvenile delinquent son, but Tyrone being the future criminal he was, had a back-up plan. He and his mate had broken into No. 7, the home of Curly Watt’s who was off ‘finding himself’ and it wasn’t long before Tyrone and Jackie were firmly instilled as squatters. Jackie later made a compromise with Alma to rent the place officially. Curly returned to the street weeks later and found Jackie and Tyrone squatting in his home. After a few unsuccessful attempts to reclaim his home, Curly managed to do so when Jackie’s husband carted her back to Liverpool. Tyrone, not happy with this arrangement, took to sleeping in the bins at the back of Freshco’s. Curly has an attack of conscience and employs Tyrone as a trolley-collector and gives him a place to stay. Tyrone loses his job as a trolley- collector however when he accidentally pushes a line of trolley’s into the area manager’s new car, but is taken on as an apprentice mechanic when Kevin offers him a job in the garage.

Wanting some independence, Tyrone moves into Jack and Vera’s B & B and when Jack and Vera move back to the street, Tyrone and his greyhound Monica, adopted by Tyrone after she wandered into the garage one day, moved back to No. 9 with them. In July 2000, Tyrone became engaged to Maria Sutherland, the daughter of a dog breeder whom he met when seeking a breeding partner for Monica after the greyhound’s brief career as a racing dog failed due to an injury.

Meanwhile, Fizz Brown had become obsessed with Tyrone, and Maria broke off their engagement after seeing Fizz and Tyrone kiss outside the factory. Although nursing a broken heart, Tyrone took up with Fizz, not having had much of a say in the matter. Harking back to his days as a juvenile delinquent, Tyrone began nicking cars from the garage and taking Fizz on joyrides. The relationship ended however when Fizz, making a stand over her dismissal from the factory, posed topless on the factory roof and her photo was splashed over the front page of the newspaper.

Tyrone has never really gotten over Maria and was devastated when she left for Canada with Nick. She returned only weeks later, but continues to reject Tyrone at every opportunity until recently when Maria finally seems to have seen the good in Tyrone and it looks like they've reconciled. Is it for good?

Maria kept trying to change Tyrone and in the end they split up. Tyrone met Molly Compton at Sutherland's Kennels (Kirk and Maria's parents' business). Her father was Diggory Compton, the baker that bought the end shop on Victoria Street. They dated for awhile and got closer. Tyrone tried several times to propose but things kept getting messed up for him but Molly took the lead and they finally got married. In order to raise money for his mother, Jackie, who owed 1000 pounds, soft-hearted Tyrone gave her his and Molly's wedding money. He then into medical test research to raise some money for the wedding. Also, on the wedding day, a friend of Molly's aunt Pam pretended to be a police officer and arrested Tyrone. Kirk, Jack and Tyrone ponied up the cash to pay the police officer (benefitting Pam as well) and got him to the church on time but he fainted at the altar from stress.

Kevin offered Tyrone the chance to buy into the garage and the two became partners. After the wedding, Molly and Tyrone considered moving away but Jack and Vera decided to retire to Blackpool and offered to sell Tyrone and Molly the house. Vera died suddenly from a heart attack but Jack went through with the sale on the proviso that he remain as a lodger which he did for awhile.

Molly started flirting with Kevin and then tempted him into joining a fun run with her. They took training time together and Kevin started to persue Molly romantically. She enjoyed the attention, starting to find Tyrone a bit dull and they had an illicit affair behind the backs of their spouses. By Christmas, Molly and Kevin started to make plans to run away together but, on Christmas Day, Kevin discovered Sally had breast cancer and stopped Molly from telling Tyrone she was leaving him. Molly was devastated but soon discovered she was pregnant and wasn't sure who was the father. She insisted it was Tyrone's when Kevin expressed suspicions. Naturally, Tyrone was over the moon. Molly ended up giving birth in the front room of Number 9 with Sally's help and they named the baby Jack. Tyrone was devastated just a few months later when Jack Duckworth also died in his chair at home.

Meanwhile, Kevin secretively managed to use the baby's dummy to get a dna sample and proved Jack was his baby. He confronted Molly who then told Tyrone she was leaving him and admitted that Jack wasn't his but wouldn't say who the father was. On the night of the tram crash, Molly took Jack into the corner shop to say goodbye to Dev and was in there when the tram barrelled into the shop. Sally got the baby out and then stayed with Molly who admitted to her just before she died that she had an affair with Kevin and the baby was Kevin's. Tyrone still didn't know that piece of information but was gutted. Kevin managed to make him realize the baby was innocent in all this and encouraged him to take care of the child.

At Molly's funeral, Tyrone realized from Kevin's grief that Kevin was the guilty party and they fought, with Kevin tumbling into the grave. Eventually, Tyrone had to give up the baby to Kevin which broke Tyrone's heart.

In the fall of 2011, Tyrone met police constable Kirsty Soames in a bar. Tommy Duckworth had paid her to flirt with Tyrone but they hit it off and started dating. Kirsty seemed a bit high strung but genuinely seemed to love Tyrone. Tyrone at the time had Tina McIntyre as his lodger and she and Kirsty did not get on well. Tina didn't like Kirsty and suspected her of using Tyrone. Kirsty was manipulative and ended up driving a wedge between Tina and Tyrone until Tina moved out. She also made sure that Tyrone and his old love/friend Fiz were not on speaking terms, convincing Tyrone that Fiz was trying to break them up. By the time Kirsty moved in to Number 9, she had Tyrone where she wanted him but her temper also caused her to hurt him occasionally, once with the hose of the Hoover. Tyrone kept explaining away his bruises to his friends. Once Kirsty even pretended that Tyrone was the one hitting her and several of the neighbours started to believe her. Little by little, Kirsty managed to drive away all of Tyrone's friends. She then found herself pregnant which delighted Tyrone but her anger issues became out of control. By the time baby Ruby was born, Tyrone knew he had to finish with her but wanted to marry her so that he could get custody of Ruby. At this time, Fiz was secretly supporting Tyrone and little by little they fell back in love again. Kirsty discovered it just before the wedding and exposed the affair at the altar. Back home after, Kirsty fell down the stairs as she was running up to get the baby but told everyone Tyrone pushed her. He was believed and was arrested and jailed while waiting trial. Fiz spearheaded a campaign to expose Kirsty's lies but it was difficult.

By the time the trial started, Kirsty was entrenched in her lies. She nearly admitted everything when Fiz asked her mother to persuade her but when she realized it was at Fiz's instigation, she backed off. During the trial, however, she lost her temper at Julie for leaving Ruby with Sally and lashed out at her violently. Julie realized that Tyrone was telling the truth and Kirsty was the violent one. Kirsty herself realized the truth was out and ended up going to court and confessing. Tyrone was freed and Kirsty was jailed and left Ruby with her father for good. Tyrone and Fiz got together properly and Fiz and her daughter Hope moved in to Number 9.

When Hope got cancer, Tyrone decided he would give her the best Christmas ever in case it was her last one and ended up putting themselves into great debt. Hope recovered but Fiz was furious. She sold the engagement ring Tyrone had bought her and went back to work. It took some time before they managed to dig themselves out of the hole.

Kevin decided to open an extention to the garage in one of the viaduct arches at Sophie's encouragement. Kevin had given Sophie 21% of the garage with Tyrone's agreement for her 21st birthday. But less than a year later, Kevin's finances were in terrible shape. Sophie incurred some medical bills when she was in Miami with Rosie, then a new breakdown truck got stolen due to Pat Phelan's scheming and couldn't claim the insurance. Pat engineered a fire to destroy the new garage. Tyrone had found Kevin blind drunk on the night of the fire and suspected Kevin of burning the garage for the insurance money and Kevin couldn't remember anything. But Tyrone lied to the police to give Kevin an alibi anyway, for the sake of his family. It didn't matter. The insurance company refused to pay out since they thought Kevin was the arsonist. Things are very tense between the partners now.


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