Ted Farrell

Full name:



1948 (!!)

  1. Gordon Clegg (b: 20 May 1950; f: Ted Farrell)
  2. daughter

Played by: Gerald Sim
21 - 23 June 1982

In May 1982, Betty Turpin ended up in hospital with a broken arm after being mugged. Her picture and story were printed in the local paper and seen by Ted Farrell, an old "sweetheart" of Betty's. They had become very close just after the war, but the last time Betty saw him was in 1947 when she said goodbye to him at London Road Station in Manchester when he took a train to Portsmouth. They lost touch, and so Betty couldn't tell him that she subsequently found she was pregnant with Gordon (we won't worry about the three-year gestation !).

Ted never knew that Gordon was the son he had always wanted. He explained to Betty he had settled down in Portsmouth, married a local girl in 1948 and fathered a daughter. When he saw Betty after all those years she agonised whether to tell him the truth, but felt it better not to stir up the past, and Betty and Ted parted with him thinking they were always "just sweethearts".

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