Des Foster

Full name:




Played by: Neil Phillips
11 July - 23 November 1983

A painter and decorator who was also a councillor. He came round to see Alf Roberts on council business and met, and was attracted to Bet Lynch. The feeling was mutual and soon Bet agreed to move into a flat with Des - until she found out he was married and had neglected to tell her - and he had been thrown out by her !

Des convinced Bet that his wife Edith threw him out because he had told her about them, and agreed to move in again, until she found out that the affair Edith knew about was with a married woman from Connaught Road ! Bet realised that Des had two lovers on the go, and yet again she was simply a man's 'fancy peice'. Brokenhearted, she told Des she wasn't moving in with him, and returned to The Rovers and her Corner Shop flat distraught.

He turnee up at the Rovers later in 1983 to repaint it, and although Des and Bet flirted, she made sure she wasn't going to get hurt again.

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