Angie Freeman

Played by: Deborah McAndrew
1990 - 1993; 1 December 1996 - 10 April 1998

Angie moved into Nș7 to share with Jenny Bradley, into the room vacated by Flick and Joanne Kahn. She was a free-spirited student studying Design at University and a woman who knew her own mind. In March 1991, Curly Watts moved in and they quickly became very close - but more as brother and sister than lovers, until one night when they had too much red wine and ended up in bed together. Both regretted it the next morning, but Curly always hoped that their relationship might develop into something more than mutual.

After graduating, Angie was short of work, and worked unhappily for Mike Baldwin, and more happily for Hanif Ruparell. She found another soulmate in Des Barnes, but went on to have a rather confused and painful romance with Neil Mitchell.

When she left Weatherfield for Mexico in March 1993 to study Aztec design, she left behind a few broken hearts.

In December 1996 she called back on Weatherfield as a designer for Kbec - much to the annoyance of her former boss, Mike Baldwin, but Kbec troubles meant that by the following March they were both no longer in Kbec's employ. Angie returned to Weatherfield, and rented Des Barnes' house whilst he was on his canal barge,with the intention of setting up her own business.

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