Todd Grimshaw

Full name: Todd James Grimshaw
Eileen Grimshaw

Jason (half-brother - same mother)

Billy Platt (2004, born and died same day)

Played by: Bruno Langley (2001-2004, 2007, 2011, 2013- )
First appeared:
14 January 2001

16 year old Todd moved to Coronation Street with his mother Eileen and brother Jason. Todd was the more studious of the two siblings. Handsome, he attracted the attentions, first of Candice Stowe and later of her best friend Sarah Platt, who had a daughter, Bethany. Todd fell hard for Sarah but had to vie for her affections with bad boy Aidan who nearly got Sarah killed when he caused a car accident in Ken Barlow's car which he'd stolen for a joyride. Sarah finally fell in love with Todd and he decided to throw his education away to stay in Weatherfield with her, much to his mother's anger. Todd would have gone to Oxford or Cambridge and made something of himself, she thought.

Todd and Sarah moved in to the flat over the betting shop with Bethany and they were a happy little family for awhile in spite of opposition from both Eileen and Gail. Todd started to realize he was developing an attraction to Sarah's newly returned brother, Nick and made a pass at him one evening when the two of them were hanging out, drinking. Nick was horrified that his sister was with someone that appeared to be gay though Todd denied it. He even talked Sarah into having another baby but while she was pregnant, he became attracted to a coworker, Karl, at the hospital where he was working as a porter. Karl returned the feelings and they started an affair but wanted him to come clean to Sarah. He broke up with Todd when he wouldn't come out to Sarah and Todd was so unhappy that he finally did confess to Sarah that he was gay. Sarah was so upset that she went into premature labour, gave birth to a little boy who then died.

Todd's whole life was turned upside down. His mother accepted him straight away though brother Jason had some trouble at first. The Platts were gunning for Todd due to Sarah's plight. Sarah turned to his brother Jason and Todd fled Weatherfield for London.

Todd returned once for Jason and Sarah's wedding, invited by David who thought it would cause trouble between Sarah and Jason. Todd was forgiven by Sarah and he was best man at the wedding and then returned to London. A couple of years later, he came to visit, bringing his boyfriend Jools who was a class above Todd. Todd had become rather snobby and looked down on his humble family but was chided by Jools. He apologized to Eileen before they returned to London.

In 2013, Todd returned for a "visit" but it turns out he'd broken up with Jools and lost his job. His new boyfriend Alex had lent him some money so the pair could go on holiday but Todd left him waiting at the airport and ran away to Weatherfield. Todd was busted when Alex showed up to find him. Eileen was sorely disappointed to discover that Todd seemed to be a liar and a cheat but allowed him to stay after paying Alex back the money Todd owed him herself. She got him a job at Streetcars, a job that Todd thinks is beneath him. Sean, Eileen's gay lodger, seems to be developing a bit of a crush on Todd but Todd doesn't return the feelings.

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