Eileen Grimshaw

Full name: Eileen Grimshaw

7 October, 1961
Julie Carp (half sister)


  1. Jason born 1983
  2. Todd born 1985

Played by: Sue Cleaver
First appeared:
3 May 2000

Taxi Cab controller at Streetcars. Eileen was brought up in a family of eight.

When Todd was born and Jason was nearly two they lived in a one-bedroom flat over a laundrette on Fletcher Street. Jasonís father, Tony, was a gambling addict. Tony was only 17 when Eileen had Jason. Eileen caught Tony in her bed with another girl when she was pregnant with Jason (didnít know she was pregnant at the time). Tony did propose to her when he found out she was expecting but she turned him down. Toddís father was very dependable and was making plans for them as a family when Eileen got scared and legged it. She regretted it afterwards.

At one point Eileen held down 3 jobs at once to support her kids. She worked at a supermarket in the mornings, a bookies in the afternoons and a taxi company at night (ep 5488).

Eileen has been proposed to 5 times (5 different men) but has never been married.

In May of 2000, She was a passenger in Vikram Desai's cab and we discovered that she was a taxi cab dispatcher. She convinced Vik to hire her and immediately started off offending Vik's Aunt Maya who took advantage of having a taxi firm in the family.

She soon convinced Steve McDonald to rent number 11 to her and her sons, Todd and Jason. She's also had run ins with Charlie Ramsden, Karen McDonald, and Gail Platt. She was never that supportive of her son Jason's bid to be a runner in competition and has given him grief many a time over getting jobs or not getting them as well as his various girlfriends, none of which she approved of. She seemingly favours Todd who was destined to go on to further education but disapproved of his relationship with teenage mother Sarah Plat.

She later began a relationship with Les's friend, Dennis Stringer. Dennis moved in and was very good to Eileen and the boys though she has been at odds with Dennis at times over what she saw as interference with her parenting skills. Dennis took her to Paris for her 40th birthday but soon broke her heart when he fell for Eileen's good friend, Janice Battersby. He left Eileen and moved in with Janice but he died in a car crash shortly after. She's dated Harry Flagg briefly after Jason and his girlfriend Candice put a "lonely hearts" ad in a paper on her behalf but they've decided they are just friends.

Eileen's relationship with Todd is suffering over his relationship with Sarah, especially when he decided not to sit his A-levels and thereby losing his chance to go to Oxford. She blamed Sarah for influencing Todd so Todd moved out and in to a flat with Sarah and baby Bethany. Eileen is horrified that Todd and Sarah are now having a baby of their own.

She nearly lost her relationship with Jason when Jason's father, Tony, began to come around to get to know Jason better. Eileen incurred a lot of debt, buying a car for Jason and a laptop for Todd. Her debts soon got on top of her and she had to avoid debt collectors. Tony took some money from Streetcars but let her take the blame and Dev had Eileen arrested and jailed briefly.


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