Dan Johnson

Full name:




Played by: Richard Shaw
3 March - 21 May 1980

Cockney lorry driver living in Wandsworth who turned up at No11 one night asking for lodgings on the recommendation of Ian McAllister. Elsie Tanner let him stay and became very friendly with him, but it was obvious he had "a girl in every lorry park" and Elsie was just another comfy lodging.

Faced with Bet Lynch's charms, Dan couldn't resist and Elsie caught them coming back from a night out, throwing Dan's clothes into the street. Bet became besotted with Dan, and annoyed at landlords Alf & Renee Roberts' disapproval of Dan staying overnight, she quit the Corner Shop flat and set up home with Dan in a bedsit in Victoria Street. Dan admitted he had 'committments' in London, but Bet chose to turn a blind eye to these, believing she had finally found true happiness. She became friendly with fellow tenant Keith Sadler, taking him under her wing, but Dan completely misread the situation, first warning Keith off and then punching him in the stomach - leaving Bet to see the sort of man Dan really was. She complained to Dan, but he just walked out on her, telling her she was just another of his women.

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