Jessica Lundy

Full name: Rev Jessica Lundy





Played by: Olwen May
30 March - 23 April 1999;4 August 2000 Credited as Lundi in first episodes; credited as 'Jessica' in August 2000 appearance.

The stand-in curate at St Paul's Church in Weatherfield - Emily Bishop's church.

At the suggestion of Emily, Roy Cropper approached her and asked her to marry him and Hayley Patterson. Given that the ceremony was to be as traditional as possible, yet could not have a civil section to the service (Hayley is a transsexual and could not LEGALLY marry Roy), Jessica had to go and consider the request carefully.

After some consultation, she decided, against the advice of her superiors, to go ahead and marry the couple at St Paul's.

On the day of the wedding, however, the ceremony did not go ahead due to Les Battersby's intervention with the Press, and the wedding party returned to Roy's Rolls.

Jessica followed soon after and was approached by Roy with a plan. All the guests and family were assembled, and to Hayley's surprise, the ceremony went ahead in the cafe, with Jessica sucessfully marrying Roy and Hayley.

In August 2000 she christened Bethany Platt.

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