Charlie Ramsden

Full name: Charlotte Ramsden (originally Hargreaves, née Johnson)
Pam Hargreaves (adopted soon after birth)


  1. Christine Hargreaves (half-sister - same mother)
  2. Luke Ashton (half-brother - same mother)
  3. Mary

Matt Ramsden (1992)

Played by: Claire McGlinn
22 November 2000 - 16 April 2002

Charlie was adopted. Her biological mother is Pam Hargreaves and she has two half siblings, Luke Ashton and Patricia Hargreaves. She and Matt moved into the house owned by Natalie Barnes and Matt, a doctor, took up a practice at the new local medical centre. Charlie was snobbish and didn't want to live in such a down market (in her eyes) area. She taught school at Weatherfield Comp and taught most of the local kids and that was too close for her taste as well.

Charlie and Matt have had a rocky relationship. She drinks quite a bit and doesn't want children of her own though Matt does. She made friends with Emma Watts but considered Maxine to be common. She found her biological mother after she discovered that one of her students, Luke Ashton was her half brother. There didn't seem to be a lot of love lost between them all.

Charlie was eventually sacked for drinking on the job and later horrified to find out that Matt had a one night stand with Maxine, which possibly resulted in the baby, Joshua Peacock. She left Matt but eventually reconciled with him on the condition that they leave Weatherfield for good.

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