Mark Redman

Full name: Mark Redman (previously Dunlop)
Parents: Mike Baldwin and Maggie Dunlop
Born: b: 13 May 1983 (later amended in storylines to b: 13 May 1981 )

Played by:

  1. Thomas Hawkeswood (31 October - 2 November 1983)
  2. Christopher Oakes
  3. Christopher Cook (1993 - 1994)
  4. Paul Fox (14 November 1999 - 3 September 2001)

Appeared: 1983 - 1994; 14 November 1999 - 11 September 2000; 3 September 2001

Mike Baldwin's son by Maggie Dunlop.

Maggie married Harry Redman soon after splitting up with Mike, and Harry brought up Mark like his own son.

Mike found out about Mark after Harry's death and he started interfering with Mark's and his mother's lives, paying for Mark to go to Oakhill Grammar School and alientating him from his old friends.

Mark was relieved to move away from Weatherfield to Felixstowe when his mother remarried.

After leaving school, Mark returned to Weatherfield in 1999 to see his father and stayed on for a while, helping out in the factory, but fell in love with his young fiance, Linda Sykes. They began an affair in the new year which was pretty self-destructive. Linda and Mark were made partners in the company and Mark tried to make it work, but it was too much and he eventually decided to leave Weatherfield again, for Amsterdam, agreeing to return for the wedding.

When he did, the secret all came out on the wedding day and Mike was furious. He told Mark to get out and never come back.

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