Maggie Redman

Full name: Margaret Redman (née Dunlop)




  1. Harry Redman (between November 1983 & February 1984)

Children: Mark b: 13 May 1983 (later amended in storylines to b: 13 May 1981 ) (f: Mike Baldwin)

Played by: Jill Kerman
12 May 1982 - 15 February 1984; 1993 - 1994

A florist who employed Marion Willis and later Tracy Barlow.

She fell for Mike Baldwin's charms, moving into his flat. As she broke up with Mike she found she was pregnant, but spurned Mike's offer of marriage and eventually married Harry Redman, bringing up Maggie's son as his own.

After Harry died, Maggie started an affair with Ken Barlow, only for Mike to find out about his son and break up Maggie's relationship with Ken.

Maggie ended up re-marrying and moving to Felixstowe - well away from her troubled past in Weatherfield.

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