Stephen Reid

Full name: Stephen Reid
Parents: Audrey Potter (m); Father unknown. Later adopted by Malcolm and Joyce Reid
?? ?? 1956
Sibling: Gail Platt (half-sister)
Married: Gabrielle (French-Canadian) 27 February 1999, Toronto, Canada

Played by:
Todd Boyce
January - February 1996

Audrey's mysterious first child. She claims to know little about Stephen's father and spins differing stories depending on who is listening. The nearest we have got to the truth is Audrey admitting that the father was a 'spotty 16 year-old'. Audrey was 16 when she gave birth to Stephen. Stephen is Gail's half-brother.

Stephen was adopted by a neighbour and old flame of Audrey's - Malcolm Reid who emigrated to Canada in 1960 with his adopted son. Stephen now lives in Canada and works for Kbec, a sportswear company based in Toronto. He returned to the UK early in 1996 for business, but took time out to meet his mother and half-sister and their families. Alma Baldwin made a pass at him whilst he was over here, but Stephen made it perfectly clear he wasn't interested.

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