Arnold Swain

Full name: Arnold Henry Swain



  1. Margaret Patricia (1965)
  2. Emily Bishop (10 September 1980, Weatherfield Registry Office - annulled due to bigamy)

Died: December 1981

Played by: George Waring
23 April 1980 - 16 March 1981

A pet-shop owner who charmed Emily and bigamously married her. He first claimed he was a widower, and after he was discovered claimed his first wife had walked on their marriage. In reality Arnold had left her on Southampton railway station returning from their honeymoon in the Isle of Wight. Arnold took Emily to the same hotel for their honeymoon.

When Emily found out, Arnold suffered a mental breakdown. However, he later returned, and tried to force her into a suicide pact. She escaped and he was arrested. He died in a mental hospital at the end of the same year.

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