Margaret Swain

Full name: Margaret Patricia Swain



Arnold Swain,1965. (d: December 1981)

Played by: Charlotte Mitchell
18 - 20 January 1982

Arnold Swain's first (and only legal) wife.

When Emily Bishop was left £2,000 in Arnold's will, Margaret turned up on her doorstep and explained the whole situation. Margaret was very poor, living in Worthing and only working seasonally in the hotel trade, and was left nothing of Arnold's estate. Despite already having given the legacy away, Emily took pity on her and gave her the money.

Margaret explained that Arnold left her on Southampton railway station when they were returning from their honeymoon in the Isle of Wight; she saw him deliberately get on another train on another platform, and she never saw him again. Eerily, Arnold took Emily to the same hotel for their honeymoon.

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