Roy Thornley


Full name:

Born: 1952
Married: Doreen (b:1936)


  1. Cassie (b: about 1970; m: Doreen Thornley)
  2. Ellory Moss (b: about 1974; m: Doreen Thornley)

Played by: Sydney Livingstone
Appeared: 26 April 1976 - 1976

Roy was Sylvia Mathews' 'business associate' at Sylvia's Separates. He tried his charms on Elsie Howard, who saw through him immediately, but 19-year old Gail Potter was taken in, and Roy took her virginity in the stockroom.

Elsie forced Roy to admit to a love-struck Gail that he was indeed married to a woman about 15 years older than him, and they had two children. Worse was to follow for Gail when she was cited as co-respondent by Doreen Thornley in a divorce. Gail was sacked from Sylvia's Separates.

It took plenty of persuading from Elsie to ensure that Gail got her job back, and that she was an innocent party in the divorce. Eventually Doreen found a new scarlet woman as co-respondent - Sylvia Mathews, Roy's boss.





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