Billy Walker



Full name: William Walker
Parents: Jack and Annie Walker
Born: 8 September 1938
Siblings: Joan

Played by: Ken Farrington
Appeared: 21 January 1961 - 5 December 1984

Billy was always being pushed by his mother. He was expelled for fighting at Mrs Dudley Hederson's Private School and had to attend Bessie Street School. He then had to take evening classes at Weatherfield Tech. After National Service he started out as a garage mechanic, but was again pushed into more responsibility. However, Billy turned into a drinker and gambler and wasn't averse to a shady deal. He kept on turning up at the Rovers like a bad penny, but found Jersey became his home, and only turned up at the Rovers when he needed money - which his mother would invariably give him.


After his mother retired he took over The Rovers, but more debts and another deal involving supermarket spirits meant he was forced to sell The Rovers back to the brewery and he returned to Jersey.








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