One of the keys to Coronation Street's success has been the quality of its production and scripts, and some of the best known names in television drama have written, directed and produced the series over the years. There have been over 100 writers, over 100 directors and nearly 30 producers of the programme over the years.

There are also lists of Writers, Directors and Producers that have worked on Coronation Street over the years.

The current Coronation Street production team (according to the screen credits) are:

Martin Allen, Ken Blakeson, John Fay, Julie Gearey, Catherine Hayes, Jayne Hollinson, David Lane, Daran Little, Jan McVerry, Peter Mills, Carmel Morgan, Debbie Oates, Chris Parker, Stephen Russell, John Stevenson, Joe Turner, Mark Wadlow, Peter Whalley

John Anderson, Ian Bevitt, Colin Cant, Tim Dowd, Eugene Ferguson, Duncan Foster, David Kester, Craig Lines, Tim O'Mara, Tony Prescott, Tracey Rooney, Alan Wareing

Script Editors:
Gareth Philips and Jane Hudson

Story Editor:
Colin Steven

Story Associates:
Mark Bickerton, Josie Burke, Nazrin Choudury, David Millard, Bryan Kirkwood

Casting Director:
June West

Series Editor:
Kim Crowther

Julian Perkins

Head of Production:
Trina Fraser

Executive Producer:
Carolyn Reynolds

Tony Wood

Of course, Coronation Street is based on an idea by Tony Warren, and the theme music was composed by Eric Spear


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