Graham Fellows

Real name: Graham Fellows





  1. Young Man (1 Janaury 1979) who chatted up Gail Potter whilst she was waiting for Brian Tilsley outside a cinema
  2. Les Charlton (21 June - 14 July 1982)

Graham first rose to fame as Jilted John, who in August 1978 got to number 4 in the UK charts with 'Jilted John'. At the time he said his ambition was to appear on Coronation Street - his wish was fulfilled four months later, and in the process became the only Coronation Street actor to have a top-ten hit before appearing in the Street (David Jones and Peter Noone went on to have recording careers; in 1968 Sue Nicholls only got to No17 with Where Will You Be).

Graham now lives near Grantham in Lincolnshire and is now famous as Sheffield-born bon viveur and keyboard ace John Shuttleworth.

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