Les Charlton

Full name:





Played by: Graham Fellows
21 June - 14 July 1982

A van driver who came into Jim's Cafe and asked Gail Tilsley out for a drink. As Brian was working in Qatar and had just told her he was extending his contract out there, Gail was lonely and agreed to go for a lunchtime drink in the Farriers Arms. Unfortunately, at the same time, Nicky Tilsley had slipped away from temporary childminder Jill Mason whilst they were in the Corner Shop and was eventually found accidentally locked in the newly-built No7.

As a result Gail finished at Jim's Cafe. Les subsequently called round to Buxton Close a few times, each time Gail politely rebuffing him, though Les' intentions were more friendship than love. Unfortunately, Les' last visit coincided with Brian's leave from Qatar, and he left Les in no doubt that he was not welcome ever again.

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