Ian Kershaw


Real name: Ian Kershaw




  1. Malcolm Bradford (9 January - 22 March 1998) Credited simply as Reporter in first appearance
  2. Duncan Stott (21 - 23 April 1999)
  3. Mick Crompton (14 May 2001)
  4. Reporter (6 August 2001) snooping round Coronation Street for information about Roy & Hayley Cropper when they went on the run with Wayne Hayes
  5. Reporter (4 January 2002) - Ian Thomson, who interviewed Fiz Brown about her "night of torrid passion" with on-the-run Terry Duckworth

TV credits include: The Things You Do For Love (Granada, 1997) as ASM, Brookside (Channel 4, 1997), City Central (BBC, 1998), Casualty (BBC, 1998), and can currently be seen in a series of Tetley's Bitter commercials in the UK.

Currently the real-life partner of Julie Hesmondhalgh (Hayley Cropper)




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