Fiz Brown

Full name: Fiona Brown Stape
Cilla (mother)
25 September 1985
Chesney (younger), Billy (older)
John Stape, September 2009
Hope Dec. 7, 2010

Played by: Jennie McAlpine
Appeared: 20 August 2001 -

Rather 'lively' young girl who was fostered to the Croppers when her mother left her home alone whilst she went on holiday - not an unusual event! After being caught playing truant and almost burning down the cafe, she turned on Roy and made a false allegation that he had hit her. She was fostered elsewhere.

Fiz is bright - she has 8 GCSE's - but her mother can't work and Fiz has to work to support the family.She was taken on at Underworld after leaving school at 16. She pursued Tyrone Dobbs until she lured him away from Maria Sutherland but it didn't last too long. She's been in a relationship with Kirk Sutherland, Maria's brother, after getting together at a flat painting party.

Fiz moved into the salon flat with Toyah after Maria left for Canada and they eventually became friends. Fiz found out that Maria got pregnant with Toyah's boyfriend, John, and kept the secret until Toyah and she got into an argument over Maria and Fiz spilled the beans. Toyah left Weatherfield and Fiz and Maria shared the flat uneasily.

Fiz is fiercely loyal to her friends, she has a lot of talent and has attempted to design a line of lingerie and she has eclectic tastes in personal wardrobe.

Cilla and Les have both left town leaving chesney with Kirk. Kirk wasn't doing a good job of raising the lad and Social Services took him away for a few days. When Fiz returned from a holiday, she sorted it with Roy's help and then moved back into Number 5 with Ches and Kirk to be Chesney's guardian, though not as Kirk's girlfriend.

Fiz and Maria have become best friends. Fiz had a long term relationship with Maria's brother, Kirk. It had it's ups and downs and they even broke up at least once. Fiz wanted more from life than what she had but wasn't sure how to get it. Eventually, breaking Kirk's heart, she binned him for good. Shortly after that, her first love John Stape came back into her life. He was Chesney's teacher. He and Fiz had been a couple shortly after Fiz left school but before she came to Coronation Street. She and John got back together and it seemed like Fiz finally had the perfect man for her. Until, that is, Rosie Webster threw herself at Stape after her boss Liam rejected her advances. She knew her mother, whom John was tutoring, had a crush on him and her actions were as much to get back at Sally as they were to feel better after her rejection. John didn't seem to object too strenuously and they embarked on an illicit affair. It seemed more in fun for Rosie but John was obsessed yet his heart belonged to Fiz. The truth came out on Christmas day when the two women opened each other's gifts. Kevin Webster thumped Stape for doing his daughter and Fiz threw John out. John left the street in disgrace but returned about 6 months later hoping to woo Fiz back. He got a job at Streetcars and it took some doing but he finally won Fiz's trust again. Only to blow it. Although he didn't take up with Rosie again, she took delight in flaunting herself around him. John picked her up in the cab one evening and stashed her in his recently departed gran's attic. Shortly after that, Fiz, unknowing of his recent deeds, took him back. He didn't know what to do so he kept Rosie captive for 5 weeks before Fiz found Rosie herself and set her free. She is heartbroken, John went to prison. He admited his guilt and received a 2 year sentence that Fiz went to the court to watch.

Fiz has her hands full at the moment, helping her best friend Maria deal with the death of her husband, Liam, and she's raising Chesney. Fiz decided to home school Chesney after he was bullied but turned to John Stape in prison for assistance with Chesney's schoolwork. When Chesney found out she was still in contact with John, he rebelled hard and ended up going back to school. Fiz is still seeing John and after he was beaten up and then thought to be suicidal, has decided she loves him and wants to marry him. They arranged to have their wedding while John was still in prison. Fiz couldn't go through with it because Chesney refused to be there but he had a change of heart at the last minute and the ceremony took place after all. When John was released in October, he moved into Number 5, much to the disapproval of many of the neighbours, especially Sally and Kevin Webster!

John decided he just *had* to teach and stole the identity of a former coworker, Colin Fishwick who was moving to Canada. Fiz supported him but wasn't very happy about it. It all fell apart when another former coworker, Charlotte Hoyle found out. Fiz worried that the truth would come out and John would go back to prison. She didn't know the half of it! She had no idea the real Colin died of a heart attack at John and Charlotte's feet during an argument and is buried under the foundations of Underworld. She has no idea that Charlotte didn't die in the tram crash, but was attacked by John during a violent argument. She later died in hospital. She has no idea that Colin's elderly and ill mother died while John was there. She's far too preoccupied. She gave birth prematurely during the night of the tram crash and spends her days at the hospital in the preemie ward with her tiny daughter Hope who is still clinging to life by a thread while the guilt eats at John and he becomes more and more despondent and anxious.

John went over the edge after Colin's body was discovered under the factory floor, and after keeping Chesney and Charlotte's parents in a basement, ran off. The police arrested Fiz for the deaths and she was convicted but John returned on the day the verdict came back. He'd again tied Rosie Webster up, intent on instructing her on the actual series of events of which he was guilty so that she could tell the courts but Kevin caught him there, chased him and John was severely injured in a car crash. before he died, with Fiz by his side, he confessed to everything. Fiz was soon set free and could be home with her baby once again.

Chesney has been a big shoulder to lean on now that he's finished school and spends his days at the market selling dog collars and accessories. There was some upset when he started dating Katy Armstrong but Fiz stood up to Katy's dad who ended up backing down when he realized there wasn't anything he could do to stop the kids seeing each other.

Fiz worked in the cafe for awhile until Carla gave her her job back at the factory. Her life was uneventful for awhile until Tyrone's world fell apart. He was involved in an abusive relationship with Kirsty and finally confided in Fiz. Fiz and Tyrone fell back in love and started an affair but Tyrone planned to marry Kirsty anyway to have legal access to their child Ruby. Kirsty discovered the affair and stopped the wedding with the evidence. She fell down the stairs and told the police Tyrone pushed her so he went to jail but she finally confessed at his trial and was sent to jail herself. Fiz and Tyrone are now free to be together. Fiz has moved into Number 9 with Tyrone and the children but is now heart broken because Hayley is dying of pancreatic cancer.

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