Terry Duckworth

Full name: Terence Edgar Duckworth
Jack and Vera Duckworth
4 June 1964
Lisa Duckworth

  1. Paul (m: Andrea Clayton; b:1986)
  2. Tommy (b: 9 September 1992; m: Lisa Duckworth)
  3. Brad Armstrong (b: 14 February 1997; m: Tricia Armstrong)

Played by: Nigel Pivaro
First appeared:
1 August 1983 - June 1987; 1992 (intermittently); December 1993; June 1996; 20 - 25 April 1997; 13 August - 25 December 1999; 29 November - 8 December 2000; 26 October 2001 - 13 January 2002; 2008; 2012 (last appearance May 11, 2012)

Since his last appearence, Terry has come out of jail and has been selling double glazing in Sheffield, living with his girlfriend Nicola.

Terry returned for his mother's funeral in 2008, hoping for cash from the will but disappointed that his father was going to sell the house to Tyrone Dobbs. He didn't return for Jack's funeral but came back in 2012 to attempt to build a lap dancing club next to the Bistro. Here he met his son Tommy who had grown up not knowing him. He used Tommy's need to know his father but in reality he was trying to get his hands on the 12,000 Tommy inherited from his grandfather Jeff Horton. Terry managed to get Tommy's money but the club never opened because Kirsty found out that Terry had bribed a councillor to get the planning permission pushed through. Terry tried to get the club burned for the insurance because he owed money to a loan shark. He persuaded Tommy to do it but Tina talked Tommy out of it. When Terry tried to do it himself, he ended up injuring Tina. Then he managed to get Tommy to get Tyrone to give him some of the money Jack left Tyrone. He got his hands on the cash and when Tina recovered, she revealed to Tommy what had happened. Tommy gave Terry the choice. Leave with the money or stay and get to know his son. Terry chose the money and left. He's not been seen since.


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