Maria Sutherland Connor

Full name: Maria Sutherland Connor
Parents: Eric & Dotty Sutherland
May 4, Weatherfield
Married: Liam Connor, February 11, 2008, widowed, October 2008, Pablo Duarte, 2016 (married him for immigrant status)

Children:Paul Connor, April 30, 2008 (died April 30, 2008), Liam Connor, July 3 2009

Played by: Samia Ghadie Smith
First appeared:
May 19, 2000

Maria's family breed and board dogs. She first appeared on our screens when Tyrone went to Sutherland's to find a breeding mate for his dog, Monica. They began dating and eventually became engaged, Tyrone popping the question at the top of the Blackpool Tower. Maria soon moved in with Tyrone who was lodging with Jack and Vera Duckworth at Number 9. Tyrone showed jealousy when Maria started up a friendship with rother. He's a bit dozy and not very clever but he has a good heart. He is a good mate to Tyrone, whom he met via his parents' kennels and to Jason Grimshaw as well as Sam Kingston who was a mechanic at the garage. But when Fizz Brown came to town and set her cap at Tyrone, that was the end of Tyrone and Maria and Maria broke up with him.

Maria later went out with Jason for awhile and decided to change careers and took a hairdressing course. She was later hired by Audrey at the salon as a junior stylist but didn't aways get along with her boss or with Maxine. She and Toyah moved into the flat above the salon, having become good mates on a holiday to Blackpool. Maria attended Gail and Richard's wedding in July 2002 where she met Gail's son Nick. The two hit it off and started an affair that ended with Maria running of to Canada with Nick, tossing her current job as barmaid at the Rovers. She returned soon enough however, having been bored at home while Nick worked all hours. Upon her return, she got her job back at the pub and started going out with many men, becoming a bit of a tart. She moved back into the flat where Fizz had moved in in her absence. It was an uneasy truce between the former rivals for Tyrone's affection, especially since Fizz was now seeing Maria's brother, Kirk. Toyah brought home a new boyfriend, her tutor from college, John who flirted with Maria. They slept together one night when Maria was upset and drinking. Fizz found out but kept the secret even when Maria discovered she was pregnant. Maria had an abortion but Toyah eventually found out and left town.

Maria's rather sloppy work habits soon found her on the wrong side of her boss Shelley's mother Bev. Family loyalty won out even though Bev goaded Maria and Maria was sacked. She soon persuaded Audrey to take her back on at the salon but she's not getting along too well with Candice who is also a flatmate with her and Fizz. Most recently, ex boyfriend Nick has returned and they have reconciled but it didn't last very long once his ex-wife Leanne returned to Weatherfield. Maria stayed on at the flat above Streetcars where she and Nick were living. Steve moved Liz in to the flat in November 2004 as Maria's flatmate. Tyrone has always loved Maria and late in 2004 he got his wish when he and Maria got back together. in 2005, Maria's parents moved out of the country and Kirk and Maria were charged with keeping the kennel business going. Maria clashed often with Fiz.

Maria and Tyrone broke up. She kept trying to change Tyrone and he realized she didn't love him as much as he loved her. Maria drifted for awhile and then had an affair with builder Charlie Stubbs who was living with Tracy Barlow at the time. Charlie had no intentions of leaving Tracy and when Maria realized that, she told Tracy about the affair. This indirectly led to Tracy plotting and subsequently killing Charlie.

Maria had a brief flirtation/fling with Peter Barlow when he returned in April 2007 for Tracy's trial and later got together with Liam Connor who had bought Adam Barlow's share of the factory the year before. Maria got pregnant and Liam proposed to her. After he had an accident when they were out walking in the Lake district, she moved the wedding date up. Mainly this was because while he was unconscious, he murmured his sister in law, Carla's name. He and Carla had been attracted to each other and Maria was jealous no matter how much Liam protested that he loved Maria, not Carla. They got married in February 2008 but tragedy soon ensued. Maria gave birth prematurely to a baby boy who was stillborn. She was convinced that Liam would hate her and would leave her since he married her because she was pregnant. She knew that Carla was ever waiting in the wings. She briefly left Liam during which time he did seek consolation in Carla's arms. They got back together a few days later, but will it last?

Apparently not. Liam's affair was discovered by Rosie Webster who later revealed the secret to Tony Gordon, Carla's fiance. Tony plotted to get his revenge and organized a hit and run accident, driven by his mate Jimmy Dockerson, which killed Liam in October 17, 2008 on the night of Tony's stag do. Maria wasn't long discovering the affair after Liam's death, aided by Sally Webster who showed her incriminating video that Rosie had taken on her mobile. Maria vowed to prove that Tony killed Liam and nearly had a nervous breakdown over the whole incident but after seeing Tony pay respects to Liam's grave, started to thaw towards him. Eventually, Tony won Maria over to the point where she even let him move in during the last weeks of her pregnancy. Tony delivered Maria's baby in a hut on a beach after they'd gone for a walk. It was not to last, however. within months, they were engaged, much to everyone's surprise but Tony had a heart attack. Thinking he was dying, he confessed his guilt in Liam's murder to Roy Cropper. Roy became obsessed with making Tony confess and when Maria heard the accusations, Tony couldn't talk his way out of it. He realized she did not believe his innocence down deep and went after the Croppers. He couldn't kill Hayley because Maria was with her but attacked Roy by the canal and pushed him in. He had a change of heart, pulled Roy out but then turned himself in and confessed to everything. Maria was shocked and sickened that she'd let her husband's murderer into her bed and fled to Ireland to the righteous arms of her in-laws to recover.

When Maria returned, having sold Number 7 to Dev and Sunita, she moved into the salon flat with little Liam. Over the next few years she found several lodgers under her roof including Kirk and Marcus who had broken up with Sean. Maria and Marcus were good friends and she found herself falling in love with him. Much to his and everyone else's surprise, he realized he had feelings for her as well. He and Maria are now in a relationship.

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