Nick Tilsley



Full name: Nicholas Paul Tilsley (later Platt, later Tilsley)
Parents: Brian and Gail Tilsley
Born: 31 December 1980, Weatherfield General Hospital (7lb 2oz)


  1. Sarah Louise Tilsley
  2. David Platt (half-brother - same mother)

Married: Leanne Battersby (30 January 1998, Kircudbright Register Office) Divorced.


Played by:

  1. Warren Jackson (5 January 1981 - 6 September 1996)
  2. Adam Rickitt (15 October 1997 - 21 April 1999; 21 July - 21 August 2002, also 2004)
  3. Ben Price (Dec 2009 - )

Appeared: 5 January 1981 - 21 April 1999 Credited as Baby Tilsley in first episodes

Was to be christened David Daniel Tilsley until Gail realised his initials would be DDT. Godparents Andy Rowlands and Elsie Tanner.

Nick had a series of flings with many characters on the Street, the main ones being his teenage marriage to Leanne Battersby. He moved to Canada when the marriage broke down and returned for his mother's wedding to Richard Hillman in 2002 when he became involved with Maria Sutherland. Maria went with him to Canada but came back shortly after. Nick returned a couple of years later and after a brief fling with Candice Stowe, took up with Maria again. They were going to get married but fell out when he decided to take a job in Nottingham. He left alone and she moved on to others. His highest point was being the hero in a stockroom blaze in March 2004. He rescued Janice Battersby, and nearly died of smoke inhalation. He lived to see another day - and to get sacked, as well.

Nick reappeared on the cobbles in December 2009, with a different face. Adam Rickitt has been replaced by Ben Price.

One of his first scenes was in a bar in Manchester, kissing Tina McIntyre. Both are unaware that Tina is the ex girlfriend of Nick's brother David. Both of them are then shocked when a few days later on December 25 they are seated opposite each other at the Platt's dinner table. They agree to keep their liaison a secret. It is only revealed a few months later when Tina uses it as one of her reasons to dump Jason Grimshaw.

Nick returns to Nottingham to tie up a few loose business ends, and comes back full time to the street in February 2010. He becomes interested in buying shares in Underworld. After his first offers are rejected, he bribes Kelly Crabtree to steal the account details from Underworld so he can make a decent offer to Carla Conner. She accepts, on the condition he sacks Kelly.

At the same time, Nick is trying to help mum Gail through her murder trial. He even steals money from the Underworld safe to pay a witness to say Gail wasn't on the boat the night her husband drowned. The witness doesn't turn up for court, but Gail is found not guilty nonetheless.

Tony Gordon then burns down the factory, so Nick and the rest of the Underworld staff are forced to relocate to the Joinery. They are lent the premises by the bar's owner Leanne Battersby, whilst Underworld is rebuilt.

Nick begins dating hairdresser Natasha Blakeman. Nick quickly gets Natasha pregnant. After a row, Natasha thinks that Nick doesn't want her anymore and secretly has an abortion. Nick then decides he wants her and the baby back. Natasha doesn't tell him that she is no longer carrying the baby. She steals Fiz's scan picture and passes it off as her own, and fakes food cravings. Eventually Gail becomes suspicious of Natasha and checks her medical records. She discovers the truth; that Natasha is not pregnant any more. Gail tells Nick who confronts Natasha. She admits what she has done and Nick dumps her. She takes the split badly and tries o commit suicide. Thankfully, Nick finds her just in time and rushes her to hospital. Natasha makes a full recovery, and then leaves Coronation Street.

Nick then becomes interested in ex girlfriend Leanne again. His lust is further intensified when the two of them reopen The Joinery together. Nick had quit Underworld after a row with Carla's boyfriend Trevor. Leanne and Nick begin an affair. When they get caught by Leanne's father in law Ken Barlow Leanne ends the relationship. However Nick decides to tell Leanne's boyfriend Peter what they have done.

Unfortunately, before he can tell Peter the Joinery collapses, after an explosion and a tram crashing from the viaduct. Peter and Nick, along with Ashley, are trapped in the rubble. Nick is the only one to escape with minor injuries, Ashley sadly dies and Peter marries Leanne on what she thinks is his deathbed, although he later recovers, but has to use a wheelchair for the foreseeable future.

Nick is left devastated, and is even more upset when he is blamed for not reporting problems with the gas that caused the explosion in the first place. He still harbours feelings for Leanne, and it has been hinted that she may still feel the same. Eventually, Leanne and Peter broke up after she found out about his affair with Carla and Nick and Leanne finally got together. There was a bitter custody battle and Leanne now has Simon with her due to Peter's drinking and Simon hating Carla. There were still lingering feelings, however, and on her wedding day to Nick at Christmas 2012, Leanne went to Peter (Carla had temporarily left him) and thought they could try again but he pushed her away. Nick found out and stopped the wedding. It looked like Leanne had lost both men. Nick stayed at the hotel and got drunk. David had been treating Kylie badly so she went to talk to Nick who has been kind to her and they ended up having sex.

Even worse, Kylie got pregnant and was terrified the baby could be Nick's. They tried to keep it all a secret but Lewis Archer found out and through him, Gail found out accidentally. She was all for telling the secret because she hates Kylie but was persuaded to stay silent. However, David overheard them talking and knows about the fling and dubious paternity of the baby. He engineered a revenge campaign against Nick, ransacking the flat, causing trouble at the Bistro, and finally, when Nick realized David was behind all the things that happened and why, David grabbed the wheel of the van during their confrontation and nearly caused the vehicle to crash. They stopped but a lorry crashed into them, leaving Nick with brain damage and in a coma for weeks.

Nick is now recovering and home from hospital. He demanded a DNA test which proved baby Lily is David's but the secret came flying out at the christening and David has lost everything. Nick is now dealing with his recovery and he has trouble controlling his anger.

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