Andrea Clayton

Full name: Andrea Clayton
Connie and Harry Clayton


Paul (f: Terry Duckworth; b:1986)

Played by: Caroline O'Neill
1985; 26 November - 25 December 2000; 7 November 2001

Whilst studying for her A-levels, Andrea started going out with next door neighbour, Terry Duckworth, behind her parents' backs. She was shocked to discover that she was pregnant, but refused to allow Terry to have anything to do with the child, even though he rather uncharacteristically wanted to stand by her and help support his offspring. Her parents decided that the best way forward was for Connie to look after the baby while Andrea went to university. When Vera Duckworth decided to get involved in plans for her grandchild's future, the Clayton family packed up overnight and moved out of town. Eventually word reached Terry that his son had been born.

Andrea turned up on the Duckworths doorstep one November night in 2000 and explained that her son by Terry - Paul was dying unless he could have a kidney transplant. Although Terry once again eploited the situation to his own ends, eventually Paul's grandmother Vera stood in and saved Paul by becoming a living donor and giving one of her kidneys to save his life.

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