Connie Clayton

Full name: Constance Clayton




  1. Andrea (f: Harry Clayton)
  2. Sue (f: Harry Clayton)

Played by:

  1. Susan Brown (1985)
  2. Irene Skillington (29 November - December 2000)

Appeared: 1985; 29 November - 10 December 2000

After moving into No11, the Claytons turned the front room into a work room so that Connie could run her dressmaking business. Jack Duckworth bought his wife Vera a dress length of silver lurex and Connie took on the job of producing a dress that 'will make Joan Collins look like a lollipop lady'. Vera was not happy with the results and whilst Connie agreed that the dress looked a right mess on her, she insisted that it fitted properly and was worth the £45 fee but Jack and Vera refused to pay and a feud developed between the families. The fighting between the families was ruining Terry Duckworth's romance with Andrea Clayton and so he tried to pay the bill for his mother, but Connie refused to accept his money. The feud over the dress was soon forgotten though, when Andrea announced that she was pregnant by Terry. Connie stood by her daughter and agreed to look after the baby while Andrea attended university. After Vera started announcing her own plans for her new grandchild, the family did a moonlight flit and disappeared from the area entirely.

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