Ben Critchley

Full name:



Separated 1976; wife lives in Blackpool

Played by: Allan Surtees
23 November - 23 December 1981

The smarmy Chairman of Social Services committee of Weatherfield council and owner of the Park View Hotel. Following a complaint by a Mrs Beswick (who just happened to be the Town Clerk's sister-in-law) he that Alf Roberts had arranged for Eunice and Fred Gee to become caretakers of the Community Centre without his authority. Critchley then set about evicting the Gees from their home and job, conveniently finding a post for them both (but mainly Eunice) in his hotel. It was clear that he had other designs for Eunice, and seeing that their marriage was crumbling, Eunice took up the offer, leaving Fred to move back into the Rovers and contemplate his broken marriage.

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