Eunice Gee

Full name: Eunice Gee (née Clarke, previously Nuttall)
Sid Clarke


  1. Mr Nuttall
  2. Fred Gee 13 May 1981 (best man - Alf Roberts)

Debbie (f: Mr Nuttall)

Played by: Meg Johnson
23 March - 23 December 1981; 1 - 3 November 1982; 20 January - 24 May 1999

Fred's second wife. Eunice had been a barmaid and was a dry-cleaner when she met Fred at a singles evening. This fitted in with his plans, as he had the chance of the licence of the Crown & Kettle - but the brewery would only consider married couples. They married after a whirlwind romance, but the Crown & Kettle has already been taken and then next pub fell through when the brewery found out Eunice had previously been sacked from the Foundryman's Arms after £30 disappeared, although she always blamed this on another barmaid.

Annie Walker threw them out of the Rovers when they were refused the pub, as the overbearing Eunice acted as though she owned the place and upset both Annie and Betty Turpin. For a while, they ran the Community Centre and moved in there with Eunice's daughter, Debbie, but the marriage started to fall apart. Councillor Ben Critchley, Chairman of the Social Services committee found that the Gees had got the Community Centre through Alf Roberts, without his authority and proceded to evict them. Conveniently, Ben Critchley was able to offer positions at his Park View Hotel in Weatherfield, and even more conveniently, as he had an eye for Eunice, he knew she would accept but Fred refuse. Fred reluctantly accepted that their marriage wouldn't work; he moved back into the Rovers and the marriage ended. In November 1983 she said she wanted to re-marry and divorced Fred.

In 1999 she turned up again, running a Bed & Breakfast, where Jack and Vera Duckworth stayed after leaving the Rovers. In May 1999 he brother-in-law died suddenly in Spain, and Eunice went out there to help he sister Dolly run her bar, leaving the Duckworths running her B & B.

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