Lisa Duckworth

Full name: Lisa Duckworth (née Horten [also sometimes credited as Horton])
Geoff and Doreen Horten
18 November 1970
Terry Duckworth (27 May 1992)
12 February 1993
Tommy (b: 9 September 1992; f: Terry Duckworth)

Played by: Caroline Milmoe
1992 - 1993

Lisa Duckworth married Terry Duckworth when she found out that she was pregnant with his child. Terry had been arrested for GBH and was sent to prison. He was allowed out for one day to get married but he did a runner and tried to escape. He was caught later though. Lisa then struggled in bringing up their son Tommy. However soon enough she realized that Terry would always be a villian and she dumped him and moved in with Des Barnes. They planned to start a new life with Tommy but tradgically she was run over in the street and died in hospital.

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