Steve Fisher

Full name: Stephen Fisher




Played by: Lawrence Mullin
11 October 1976 - 5 December 1979. His first appearance was simply credited 'Van Driver' - first named appearance 29 August 1977

Steve went to Weatherfield Comprehensive where he got 5 'O'-levels and Tech where he got 2 'A'-levelsand he trained as an electrical engineer at Fraser Electrics. After being made redundant, he found it difficult to get jobs as he was "over-qualified", and could only find part-time driving jobs. After offering to help change a flat tyre for Mike Baldwin, he got a full-time job as a van driver at Baldwin Enterprises, and soon became Mike's right-hand man. Gail Potter fancied him - but he could never see further than Suzie Birchall, who was always giving him the runaround.

He left to become assistant manager to Eric Williams at Mike's factory in London.

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