Lucille Hewitt

Full name:
Harry Hewitt & Lizzie Harding
4 May 1949
Christopher (step-brother - same father)


Played by: Jennifer Moss
1961 - 1974

Lucille grew up on the Street. Following her mother Elizabeth's death in 1959, Lucille was placed in an orphanage but left there when her father Harry married Concepta Riley. Lucille was heavily influenced by the 1960s pop scene and ran the Brett Falcoln fan club.

After leaving grammar school she drifted through various jobs - in factories, a laboratory, shops, a turf accountant's, a fashion boutique and behind the bar of the Rovers Return. Lucille moved into the Rovers as the Walkers' ward when the Hewitts moved to Ireland in 1964.

In the 1970s she did all she could to shock her Auntie Annie Walker at the pub, taking a job as a go-go dancer and setting up home with a married man, Danny Burrows. In 1969 she came close to marrying Gordon Clegg, but he jilted her just a week before the ceremony. When Gordon returned to the area in 1974 Lucille was so upset she went to stay with Concepta in Ireland. She never returned.

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