Concepta Regan

Full name: Concepta Regan (née Riley, previously Hewitt)




  1. Harry Hewitt, 1 October 1961 (d: September 1967)
  2. Sean Regan (1972)

Children: Christopher b. Aug 1962 (f: Harry Hewitt)

Played by: Doreen Keogh
1960 - 1975

Irish-born Concepta was the first barmaid in the Rovers Return. She married Harry Hewitt in 1961, and in the following year their son Christopher was born. There was widespread panic when he was kidnapped a few months later. In 1964, the Hewitts moved to Ireland, leaving Harry's daughter Lucille in the care of Annie and Jack Walker.

They returned in 1967 for Elsie Tanner's wedding to Steve and to visit Lucille. Tragically, whilst working on his old pal Len Fairclough's van, it fell off its bricks and Harry was cruched to death. Concepta had to return to Ireland alone.

In 1972 Concepta married Sean Regan, a young mechanic - but her troubles weren't over yet. In 1975 whilst visiting old friend and fellow barmaid Bet Lynch she found that Sean had made a pass at Bet.

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